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Physiotherapy in Amsterdam-West, Houthavens and Oostelijke Handelskade.

Welcome toPhysio SpaarndammerHout. As a center for physiotherapy, we have been a household name in Westerpark and Spaarndammerbuurt for years and are known for our broad approach. Until 2023, our practice was called Corver physio and manual therapy. We look beyond just the complaint, we see the person with his complaint. 
As a physiotherapist in Amsterdam, we are the experts in posture and movement problems. Whether you suffer from onesports injury,neck- andback problems,headache,rehabilitation after surgeryor any other condition, we are ready to help you. For these, and plenty of themother physical complaints We ensure that you can move optimally again. For more information or news, please also read usblog.

Physiotherapy Amsterdam Houthavens
Manual Therapy Amsterdam Westerpark

Our therapists in Amsterdam West are broadly trained, which gives us a broad view of our patient's problems. We approach complaints in a personal manner and look at the person as a whole.

Within this holistic vision, we not only look at the complaint, but also at the underlying cause. Relaxation and awareness are important aspects of treatment for all therapists.
Insidethe team we work closely together and make use of each other's expertise. This allows us to complement each other and maintain our broad view. 

Our method

Fysio SpaarndammerHout (formerly Corver Fysio) is open 5 days a week on the Spaarndammerstraat in the Spaarndammerbuurt. In addition, there areBart andEagle present at the practice in Amsterdam East on Wednesdays.

Arend is also present at the PricewaterhouseCoopers location on Mondays and Thursdays, exclusively for PwC employees.

There is an extensive database on our websitephysiotherapy exercises, these are freely accessible to everyone.

Immediately accessible

Since 2006, it has no longer been necessary to have a referral letter for physio or manual therapy. You can immediately book a appointment to make.

Reliable and expert care

The quality of our physiotherapeutic care is guaranteed by two quality marks. All physiotherapists fromPhysio SpaarndammerHout are affiliated with the BIG register and with the Central Quality Register (CKR) of the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF) or the Physiotherapy Quality Mark Foundation

We are contracted withALL health insurers. For the costs if you are uninsured for physiotherapy, seeprices.See further for more information about insurance and reimbursement.


For various questions about our options in Amsterdam Westerpark or other questionssee FAQ.

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