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Complaints procedure

You can assume that we as physiotherapists practice our profession as well as possible. If you have any complaints about the treatment or the way we deal with you, it is a good idea to make this known. For yourself, for other patients and for the quality of physiotherapy.


To start with, it is worthwhile to have a conversation with the physiotherapist treating you or, if you prefer, with another physiotherapist from the practice. It is also possible to first submit your complaint to us in writing. If a personal conversation or mediation does not produce the desired result, you can use the KNGF complaints procedure.
All our physiotherapists are affiliated with this complaints procedure. You can find more information about the complaints procedure mentioned in the brochure “If you have a complaint about your physiotherapist” available in the waiting room.

For more information about the KNGF complaints procedure, go to:KNGF complaints procedure

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