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Physiotherapist Amsterdam Westerpark

Meet our therapists.

In our practice we work with a close-knit team of professionals, consisting of physiotherapists, manual therapists and support staff.


We emphasize creating a supportive atmosphere. In our practice in Amsterdam West we are located in the Spaarndammerbuurt health center. In East in collaboration with Klip general practice.

What our clients say about us


"Not just doing exercises. I have been to many physiotherapists, but here they really look further. A lot of expertise and nice contact."


"I feel safe to surrender to the treatment. They take the 2 P's (person and problem) seriously."


"Involved, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. This means that I leave the building with a smile every time."


"Nice practice, easily accessible, light, spacious and clean, Arend has golden hands"

Arend Edelenbosch - Practice owner

"Not everyone needs to do yoga to be healthy. We do not blindly follow trends. What we do care about is looking at your complaints with an open mind and really listening to what someone needs and finds important. It's about for autonomy in your life."


As physiotherapists, we are the experts in posture and movement problems. Whether you suffer from asports injury,neck- andback problems,headache,rehabilitation after surgery or aother condition, we are ready to help you.


For these and many other physical complaints, we ensure that you can move optimally again. 

Physiotherapy Amsterdam Houthavens

Many physical complaints that keep recurring have an emotional background.

Craniosacral therapy

Jip Lippe is committed to helping everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community.


We are specialists in treating stress-related complaints

Relaxation instruction

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the healing process after surgery.

Rehabilitation after surgery

At Fysio SpaarndammerHout we are specialists in this area and a member of the Shoulder Network Amsterdam.

Shoulder complaints

Arend Edelenbosch has specialized in treating headaches, read more here.


What is it? How does it work? For which complaints can you contact us?

Dry Needling

What can the jaw physiotherapist or orofacial therapist do for you?

Jaw physiotherapy

What is manual therapy? What can it do for you? For which complaints can you go?

Manual therapy

In addition to physiotherapy, we have a wide range of specializations. 

Physiotherapy Amsterdam Westerpark

Physio SpaarndammerHout Amsterdam

"We do not deal with the complaint, but with the person and his complaint."

Formerly Corver Physio. Manual and physiotherapy Amsterdam-West and Oostelijke Handelskade.

Physiotherapy Amsterdam Spaarndammerbuurt

Welcome to Fysio SpaarndammerHout Amsterdam

A household name in Amsterdam West, Spaarndammerbuurt, Westerpark, Houthavens and Oostelijk Havengebied for years.

We are happy to help you with your question with enthusiasm, compassion and determination. Choose a personal approach that looks further than just your complaint. Are you looking for a physiotherapist in Amsterdam who looks just a little further? 

Golden Sports

Sports every Tuesday and Thursday led by Fysio SpaarndammerHout, among others

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