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Hip complaints

Pain in and around the hip can be very annoying. Your hip may feel stiff, causing you to move less well and be less able to bear weight. Sometimes the pain can also extend to the groin, buttock or the side of your leg.

What are hip complaints?

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With hip complaints, the pain usually comes from: 


  • the bursa 

  • the cartilage 

  • the bone of the hip joint 

  • the labrum (a connective tissue structure in the hip socket that provides stability) 

  • or the surrounding muscles and tendons. 


During the first consultation we will conduct an examination so that we know exactly where your hip complaints come from and how we can help you.

What are the causes of hip complaints?

There are various causes for hip complaints, such as old age, overuse or trauma, for example after an accident or fall. The wrong way of moving during exercise can also cause hip pain. This does not always have to come from the hip itself: surrounding joints such as the back, knee and ankle can also influence the development or persistence of pain in your hip. 


Do you not recognize this, but do you still experience pain in your hip? Symptoms can also arise due to factors such as stress, sleep and less exercise in general. We work with a holistic vision and therefore always look beyond the complaints themselves. During the treatment we will therefore also take various lifestyle factors into account.

Physiotherapy for hip complaints

It is wise to go to the physiotherapist if you have pain in your hip. This way you can continue to move safely and prevent the pain or stiffness in your hip from getting worse. With the right treatment, most of the pain can be resolved.

If you have hip complaints, you can contact any physiotherapist from our team for a personal treatment plan. Don't just think of exercises or massage. Relaxation and awareness are also important aspects of the treatment for all our therapists.

Treatment of hip complaints 

How can the physiotherapist help with hip pain? We draw up a personal treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to your complaints. With the right exercises we can improve the stability and strength of your hip and surrounding muscles. Where necessary, massage of the tense muscles provides relief, as welldry needling can help. 

Do you experience a lot of pain or does your hip become stiff? Then it is important not to move differently to prevent complaints from developing elsewhere. We always look at the whole picture and give you the right exercises to increase the load-bearing capacity of your hip.

Do you experience hip complaints or other pain in and around your hip?Make an appointment today with our physiotherapists.

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