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Jaw complaints

If you have jaw complaints or other pain complaints in and around the mouth, you do not always have to go to the dentist straight away. Although problems with the teeth are the most common complaints, some complaints may be better helped by a specialized physiotherapist.

What to do in case of jaw complaints?

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The collective name for complaints of the chewing system is Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD). This includes: 


grinding teeth

clenching of the jaw or teeth

pain in your chewing muscles or jaw joint

jaw that no longer opens or closes 

popping jaw (snapping sound when opening the mouth)

problems eating, chewing or speaking


Other complaints such as headache, neck pain, earache or tinnitus can also have their cause in the jaw area. Do you experience one or more of these complaints? Then it is a good idea to contact a suitable physiotherapist. 

What are the causes of jaw complaints?

Jaw complaints can have various causes. Sometimes, for example, an accident or trauma can cause complaints around your jaw. In most cases, however, stress or certain habits cause pain, such as grinding or cheek chewing, but also excessive use of chewing gum and other habits.

This type of learned behavior is very personal, which is why the right approach and guidance is important. Our orofacial therapists will work with you to find the underlying causes.

Treatment of jaw complaints by the physiotherapist

How can the physiotherapist help with jaw complaints? During the first appointment (intake), your physiotherapist will ask questions and conduct an examination to map out your specific situation. To properly treat your complaints, we use massage and mobilization techniques. We also pay a lot of attention to the underlying causes of your jaw complaints. You will receive appropriate exercises and advice to change certain eating habits, such as lip biting, cheek chewing, grinding or clenching.

Within our practice we have years of experience in treating jaw complaints. You can contact:Bart Bruinsma: he draws up a personal treatment plan so that you can quickly get rid of the pain around your jaw. We also work with dentists, dental hygienists and general practitioners and have an extensive network.

Do you experience jaw complaints or other pain in and around your mouth? Make an appointment with our physiotherapists today.

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