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Lower back pain

Low back pain is the most common complaint for which people seek treatment from a physiotherapist. So you are not alone with the pain in your lower back. Once you've had it, it often returns. After three months, about half of the people have fully recovered, but some people continue to suffer from lower back pain for longer.

What to do for low back pain?

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It is known that most people will experience this at some point in their lives. In the vast majority of cases, the complaints will go away without treatment. However, complaints do not always go away within a short time, or the same complaints will keep recurring. The physio and manual therapists at Fysio SpaandammerHout are specialists in treating these problems and are happy to look at a possible solution.

What are the causes of low back pain?

It is usually not clear how exactly low back pain arises. It often seems to have to do with physical and mental condition, lifestyle and work. If you hold the wrong position for a long time or often, pain in your lower back can occur. Sometimes the pain can also suddenly shoot into your back, for example if you have lifted something heavy or have overloaded your muscles.

Treatment of low back pain by the physiotherapist

How can the physiotherapist help with low back pain? The treatment includes manual therapy, treating trigger points, relaxation instructions and exercise therapy.

With the properexercises we can loosen your back and strengthen the muscles. 


You will also receive advice and information about how to deal with lower back pain and what you can do yourself. There are often certain habits that hinder recovery.


That is why we always look with you at factors that may cause the complaints to persist or return. We take the time to do this and look at you as a whole, not just at the complaint. We take into account underlying causes and lifestyle, such as sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise in general. 


Do you suffer from lower back pain?The manual therapist is the pre-eminent specialist in treating spine-related complaints. However, it is also possible to be treated by a physiotherapist. Our team is ready for you.

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