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Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow, also called tennis elbow, is rarely related to playing tennis. It concerns pain on the outside of the elbow, often with pain radiating into the outside of the forearm. The pain occurs because a tendon attachment to your elbow is irritated and possibly inflamed.

What to do with tennis elbow?

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If you suffer from this, you may also experience less strength in your hand and wrist. You may experience pain or loss of strength, especially when you lift something with your arm extended or with the palm down. If the irritation gets worse, almost every movement of the arm can hurt or you can't sleep well at night because of the pain. 

You can ensure that your arm is strong enough or you can do stretching exercises. Wearing a brace provides more strength and less pain. To prevent the pain from getting worse, it is important that you:Contact with your physiotherapist. 

What are the causes of tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow can have many different causes. Usually there is overload because you make the same movements or adopt the same posture for a long time, for example if you sit at the computer a lot. We also often see related problems with neck complaints.  

Because every body is different, it is always important that we look beyond the complaint itself. We always take your lifestyle and other factors into account, such as stress, nutrition and exercise. Relaxation and awareness are important aspects of the treatment for all our therapists.

Treatment of tennis elbow by the physiotherapist.

The treatment will not be the same for everyone because we always look at the cause. To resolve your complaints as best as possible, we pay attention to the muscle strength and coordination of the entire arm and torso. This includes manual therapy, stretching exercises and strength exercises. Also withdry needling and specific massage of the trigger points, we can treat your tennis elbow well. 

Of course we also give you exercises and advice for at home. We look at movements and habits that may hinder recovery. This way you regain control over your own body. 

Do you suffer from tennis elbow? You can contact all therapists within our practice for this. Within our holistic vision, we not only look at your complaints, but also at the underlying causes and lifestyle. This way we can be sure that the treatment suits your personal situation.  

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