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For many people in the LGBTQIA+ community, seeking care can sometimes be difficult. They do not always feel understood by healthcare providers, or are dealing with gender dysphoria.

LGBTQIA+ community in healthcare

Manuele Therapie Amsterdam Houthavens

Gender dysphoria is not a known problem to every healthcare provider and is therefore not always given the right place. Jip Lippe likes to help these people because, as a trans person, he knows these experiences and would like to help others who need care but cannot always find the right care provider. There are also certain complaints that occur more often in people with gender dysphoria, such as back problems due to assuming a position or wearing a binder.

Jip is happy to welcome these people to the practice to find a solution to these health problems together.


The treatment is reimbursed by your insurance company if you have additional insurance for physiotherapy. Since 2007, you can go directly to the physiotherapist without a referral from your GP via direct access.

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