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Relaxation instruction

Due to physical or mental strain, tension in the body can increase. This often happens gradually, so that the build-up of tension is not (immediately) consciously noticed. As a result, the tense state can be experienced as normal, with the result that the body no longer relaxes. Even when the stressful situation is over, the tension can subconsciously continue to exist.

Treatment for tension/stress problems

Manuele Therapie Amsterdam Houthavens

When there is no clear cause of complaints

The cause of the complaints is often not clear. The body's signals are not understood or (unconsciously) ignored. As a result, the physical complaints become more prominent and the interaction between cause and effect can become more unclear.

Physical examination often does not initially provide a clear medical diagnosis. This can cause extra uncertainty, which will actually increase physical tension. This can even worsen the complaints. Tension can be expressed in different ways.

It can result in physical complaints such as fatigue, neck and back problems, pelvic complaints, pressure in the chest, palpitations, difficulty breathing, dizziness, tingling in arms and legs, headache, stomach complaints, intestinal complaints, excessive sweating, etc.

It can also result in psychological complaints such as lethargy, mental fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, insecurity, worrying, concentration problems, irritability, restlessness, agitation, avoidance of difficult situations, depression, inability to enjoy, being overactive, etc.

What are we doing?

The physiotherapist is able to conduct a targeted examination of body awareness, breathing pattern and the possibilities for relaxation. In practice we work with, among other things, the Dixhoorn method. We have extensive experience in working with tension in the body. 


The treatment is reimbursed by your insurance company if you have additional insurance for physiotherapy. Since 2007, you can go directly to the physiotherapist without a referral from your GP via direct access.

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