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Rehabilitation after surgery

Physiotherapy can play an important role in influencing the healing process, including rehabilitation after surgery.

The physiotherapist can give you advice both before and after the operation and guide you with the rehabilitation of, among other things:

- anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction;
- keyhole surgery;
- total knee surgery;
- total hip surgery;
- rotator cuff repair;
- shoulder surgery;

Rehabilitation after surgery

Manuele Therapie Amsterdam Houthavens

The rehabilitation usually takes place in our practice room, but it is also important for your recovery that you practice at home.


We will draw up a targeted exercise program so that you can get started in practice or at home.

Treatment is also possible at your home

If circumstances make it difficult to come to the practice, the physiotherapist can come to your home.


The treatment is reimbursed by your insurance company if you have additional insurance for physiotherapy. After an operation, the first 20 visits will be reimbursed by yourself or by the additional package from your health insurer, after which everything will be reimbursed from your basic insurance. 


We are contracted with all health insurers. 

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