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Esther Woonink


Manual therapy


Pelvic complaints in pregnant women

Yoga injuries and advice

Physiotherapist & Manual therapist

Fysiotherapie Amsterdam Westerpark

Esther has been a manual therapist according to the van der Bijl method since 2003 and has been working in the practice on Spaarndammerstraat since 2010. With a lot of experience and drive, she likes to actively search for the cause of your complaints.


The interaction between body and mind has always been of interest to her. She has learned a lot about this through training in meditation, yoga, breathing and haptonomy. She helps you gain insight into the underlying patterns of movement. This can be done by giving a boost with manual therapy, mobilizing and relaxation exercises, adjusting posture, moving more or less, muscle strengthening exercises and advice for daily life.


Ifmanual therapist according to the van der Bijl method, she focuses on muscles and joints throughout the entire kinetic chain. This may be in a different place than where the complaint is located. Like her colleagues in this practice, she has a holistic view. She not only focuses on the symptoms, but also why you experience pain or discomfort. To ensure that recurrence of the complaint occurs as little as possible. She also always pays attention to the experience of stress and tension in daily life.

She has been practicing yoga since 2001 and has also been a yoga teacher since 2010. She also worked in the past as an anatomy teacher and gave group training at bigmove. 


Esther enjoys living in IJburg and has two teenage children. She keeps fit in all kinds of ways through running, meditation and yoga. She played football fanatically from the age of 52, and then exchanged this for tennis.


If you have any questions about yoga postures or injuries during yoga practice, you can contact Esther with all her experience.


In addition to being a manual therapist, she works half the week as a haptotherapist in the health center. More information about this can be found

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