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Chronic pain

Chronic pain is very annoying: we are talking about long-term pain complaints that do not disappear for various reasons. All too often, doctors and therapists do not find a clear cause for the persistence of the pain.

While one person recovers from an injury, another person's pain and limitations continue. Lack of understanding and uncertainty, for example due to the lack of a diagnosis, can cause a lot of frustration and powerlessness. Sometimes care providers even incorrectly say that it is 'in their head'. And yet the pain is really there. You may have already been to several therapists, without results.

What to do with chronic pain?

Fysiotherapie Amsterdam klachten

At Corver we see many people with chronic pain complaints and, especially in this group, we look at the person as a whole. Without this holistic view of pain and without a real understanding of the effect of pain, behavior and emotions on the persistence of complaints, recovery will not occur. We therefore see many people with, for example;


  • fibromyalgia

  • whiplash

  • chronic fatigue syndrome

  • (low) back problems

  • neck complaints

  • CRPS

  • Migraines and tension headaches

With all these conditions, there is often no clear medical reason why your complaints do not disappear.

Treatment of chronic pain by the physiotherapist.

At Fysio SpaarndammerHout we spend a lot of time learning to understand what pain is, what it has to say to you and provide insight into the how and why of your recurring symptoms. A lot of attention will initially be paid to insight into your own patterns, the effect of pain and removing misunderstandings. 

In addition, we will help you build and maintain healthy habits so that you benefit from the therapy in the long term.

At Fysio SpaarndammerHout we have been broadly trained and look beyond just treating the symptoms. By comprehensively identifying the factors that play a role, by providing insight into the entertaining patterns that people are in.

You can contact us for thisArend Edelenbosch andDorien Schagen.

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