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Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder literally means 'frozen shoulder'. It is an unpleasant condition in which the shoulder capsule (a connective tissue structure that runs around the shoulder bones) becomes inflamed. You feel pain in your shoulder that is getting worse. Over the months, you become less and less able to move your shoulder until your shoulder becomes 'frozen', as it were.

What is a frozen shoulder?

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The complaints of a frozen shoulder always follow three phases, going through these phases takes on average one to three years. In the first phase (freezing), pain is in the foreground and it is not always clear that we are dealing with a frozen shoulder. It is therefore always a good idea to go to the physiotherapist if you have shoulder complaints to prevent your complaints from getting worse. 


In the second phase (frozen) the pain complaints decrease, but your shoulder becomes increasingly stiff. In the third phase (thawing), the pain complaints decrease and the mobility of your shoulder also improves. You can resume your daily activities, but it may take some time before your freedom of movement is fully restored. Some people with a frozen shoulder suffer from a slightly painful or limited shoulder.

What are the causes of a frozen shoulder?

It is still unclear what exactly causes a frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 65, slightly more often in women than in men. It is also more common in people with diabetes and thyroid problems. 


During the first consultation, your physiotherapist will investigate the origins of your specific complaints. With our holistic approach we look beyond just the pain. We also take stress management, sleep, relaxation and nutrition into account. These factors can all influence the onset of your complaints and your recovery.

Treatment of a frozen shoulder.

During the first appointment (intake), your physiotherapist will ask questions and conduct an examination to map out your specific situation. We then draw up a personal treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to your complaints. The exercises depend on the phase of the frozen shoulder. We also mobilize your neck, upper back, shoulder and shoulder girdle. We have the right techniques to relieve your pain complaints. 

What can you do yourself with a frozen shoulder? We will of course also look at this with you. Depending on the stage of your complaint, you will receive tips for the right way to exercise. Movement always remains important, which is why we give you the right exercises that you can do at home to increase the load-bearing capacity of your shoulder.

Physiotherapy for a frozen shoulder

Our practice is part of the Shoulder Network Amsterdam. This is a collaboration of physiotherapists, general practitioners and medical specialists in and around Amsterdam. Thanks to our combined forces, we provide optimal treatment of your shoulder complaints, with or without surgery.


You can treat both with a frozen shoulder or other shoulder complaintsDorien Schagen like withArend Edelenbosch justifiably. Make an appointment today.

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