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Hand and wrist complaints

The hand has all kinds of important functions in our daily lives, such as cutting, writing, peeling potatoes, supporting ourselves during sports or lifting a cup. That is precisely why it is all the more important that the hand functions properly. So that we can keep our family life going, our work and our hobbies without complaints.

What to do if you have pain in your hand or wrist?

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Because the hand and wrist are quite complex, unfortunately all kinds of things can go wrong. This includes: 


osteoarthritis due to joint inflammation, weak ligaments or wear and tear


Quervain's, an inflammation of a tendon in your wrist

Trigger finger, also faltering finger

Dupuytren, thickening of the connective tissue

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Because your hand is your most important 'tool', pain, stiffness and other complaints are very annoying. Do you suffer from pain in your wrist or hand? Then it is a good idea to contact a suitable physiotherapist. 

What are the causes of these complaints?

There are various causes of pain in your hand or wrist, including: 

  • overload

  • wear

  • fractions

  • trauma, e.g. a fall

  • rheumatism 

  • inflammation

Every treatment is personal, which is why we always look carefully at your specific situation. This way you can choose the right approach to quickly resolve your hand and wrist complaints.

Treatment of hand and wrist complaints by the physiotherapist.

How can the physiotherapist help with pain in your hand or wrist? During the first consultation, your physiotherapist will ask you various questions and perform an examination. In the research we look at the functioning of the hand, wrist and fingers. Hopefully we will soon find out where the problem comes from and what we can do to resolve the complaint. 

We continue with therapy based on the diagnosis. We draw up a personal treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to your situation. This includes mobilizations and various exercises that you can perform together with the therapist but also at home. We also give you advice about exercise and habits that may hinder recovery. 


If you have complaints in your hand or wrist, you can contact any physiotherapistour team justifiably. Within our holistic vision, we not only look at your complaints, but also at the underlying causes and lifestyle. Relaxation and awareness are important aspects of treatment for all therapists.

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