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Headache is a common problem. The cause is often clearly identifiable, such as with the flu, if you have slept poorly or have consumed too much alcohol, etc. The solution is usually simple: you sleep well for once or take a painkiller.

It is more difficult with recurring headaches. This can be severe, cannot be easily resolved with a painkiller and has major consequences for relationships with others, your work, etc.

Arend and Dorien now have extensive experience in successfully treating headache complaints. To this end, they have followed several training courses at home and abroad.

Headache treatment

Fysiotherapie Amsterdam klachten


Our practice works according to the Watson method, among other things. This method focuses on the (dys)function of the vertebrae high in the neck. In the various primary headache forms (migraine, tension headache and cluster headache), increasing evidence has been found for overstimulation (sensitization) of the brain stem. As a result, stimuli that normally do not cause pain suddenly become painful.

What does a treatment look like?

Cervicogenic (from the neck) dysfunctions lead to this overstimulation in 90% of cases. Treating the neck reduces this overstimulation and the associated headache. Even if it has been around for years!

If, in addition to migraine, you also suffer from tension headaches, which is the case in about half of migraine patients, this is a good indication for therapy. 

Particularly through our holistic vision and approach, we are able to get to the core of the underlying problem. Insight into behavioral patterns that maintain or cause complaints, relaxation instruction and exercise therapy can all be part of a custom-designed treatment plan. Relaxan appointment beeEagle orDorien.

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