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Hyperventilation literally means breathing (too) quickly. A normal, healthy adult person takes about ten breaths per minute. If you breathe approximately 20 times per minute (or more often), this is hyperventilation.

When you are anxious or tense, your body can go into a state of stress. It's as if the body is preparing for effort so that you can fight, defend yourself or flee, even when there is no reason to have to fight or flee. Your heart will beat faster and you will naturally breathe faster. You feel tension and alertness in your body.

What to do in case of hyperventilation?

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What are the causes of hyperventilation?

If such a situation persists for a long time or occurs often, your body will experience this way of breathing as 'normal' and will also adjust it as such. This means your body is always in a state of stress. This is not only annoying, but can also lead to various other complaints, including: 


  • heart problems

  • fatigue complaints

  • burnout

  • headache

  • dizziness 

  • cramps 


To prevent these complaints, it is important that you take hyperventilation seriously. If in doubt, contact your physiotherapist for a personal treatment plan.

Treatment of hyperventilation by the physiotherapist.

How can the physiotherapist help with hyperventilation? Since hyperventilation is a consequence of stress and anxiety, treatment focuses mainly on relaxation and stress reduction. With breathing and relaxation therapy you become aware of the tensions in your body that maintain accelerated breathing. 

Through targeted awareness exercises and specific breathing instructions we can create peace and ease in your body again. Your breathing can calm down, which takes your body out of its state of (over)alertness. 

Do you ever suffer from hyperventilation? Then you can contact various therapists within our practice, including:Eagle orDorien. Within our holistic vision, we not only look at your complaints, but also at the underlying causes and lifestyle. This way we can be sure that the treatment suits your personal situation.

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