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Knee pain

Knee complaints often arise from the meniscus, ligaments that provide stability on the outside or in the knee (anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments). The bursa, cartilage, bone of the knee joint or kneecap can also cause pain. In addition, the muscles and tendons around the knee joint can also be painful.

What to do for knee pain?

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Because the knee is a fairly complex and sensitive joint, all kinds of things can go wrong. During the first conversation we will conduct an investigation so that we know exactly how we can help you. We often see people who have been walking around with pain in their knee for months (or years!). That is not only painful, but also unnecessary. 


Are you unsure about your knee problems? TakeContact up withour physiotherapists

What are the causes of knee pain?

Pain in your knee can have various causes. Many people immediately think of old age and general wear and tear, but overload or trauma, for example an accident, can also cause knee problems. The wrong way of moving during exercise can also cause pain in your knee. This does not always have to come from the knee itself: surrounding joints such as the back, hip and ankle can also influence the development or persistence of pain in your knee. 


Do you not recognize this, but do you still experience pain in your knee? Symptoms can also arise due to factors such as stress, sleep and less exercise in general. We work with a holistic vision and therefore always look beyond the complaints themselves. During the treatment we will therefore also take various lifestyle factors into account.

What can you do for pain in your knee?

Pain in the knee can be very annoying, so it is always wise to take things a little easier. Try to reduce the strain on your knee.

It is important not to suddenly start moving differently - this can actually cause complaints to arise in other places. 


Are you experiencing a lot of pain, is your knee becoming stiff or are you able to move less and less? Then it is wise to go to the physiotherapist if you have knee problems. We can help you to keep moving in a safe way.

Treatment of knee pain by the physiotherapist.

How can the physiotherapist help with knee pain? During the first appointment (intake) we will ask you a number of questions and conduct an investigation to map out your specific situation. With a holistic view, we not only look at your complaint, but at the underlying cause.

We always draw up a personal treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to your situation. Depending on your complaints, we can use medical tape, massage the tense muscles and improve the range of motion of your knee. With targeted exercises of your leg muscles we can improve stability and strength and thus give you back control over your own body.  

If you have knee complaints, you can contact any physiotherapist from our team for a personal treatment plan.

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