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CANS stands for 'complaints of the arm, neck and shoulder' and describes all complaints from the neck to the hand where a disturbance between the load and load capacity is central. This means that your body cannot handle the physical load, causing stiffness or pain. In the past, these complaints were described as a 'repetitive strain injury' (RSI), complaints or injuries that only arise from repetitive movements. Nowadays we know that this name no longer fits the picture of the complaint and that other factors can also cause complaints.

What are RSI or CANS complaints?

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What are the causes of RSI/CANS?

RSI / CANS complaints arise if the load and load capacity are not in balance. Your body is more resilient if you are strong, in good condition and, for example, pay attention to a healthy diet. These are all factors that are part of a healthy lifestyle in general. 


Factors that reduce the resilience of your body

  • include: 

  • stress

  • bad sleep

  • reduced physical fitness 

  • smoking 


In addition, it is also important to consider how you tax your body on a daily basis. In addition to repetitive movements, long-term movements and postures also place a strain on the body, such as sitting in front of the computer or in the car for a long time. Factors such as workplace, job satisfaction and collaboration with colleagues are also important. 


As you can see, it is often a combination of different factors that can cause complaints. That is why we will look carefully at your lifestyle and various possible causes during treatment. 

Treatment of RSI/CANS by the physiotherapist.

How can the physiotherapist help with RSI / CANS? During the first appointment, the intake, the physiotherapist will ask questions and conduct an examination. This way we can map out your specific situation.


We will mainly look at the various underlying causes of your complaints, such as sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise. 


We will then draw up a personal treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to your situation. The treatment can consist of various components, such as massage, exercise therapy or dry needling.


You will also receive exercises that you can do at home, and advice on how to prevent complaints in the future. 


Within Fysio SpaarndammerHout you can contact any physiotherapist from our team if you have RSI / KANS.


Do you suffer from persistent complaints? Make one todayappointment ofour physiotherapists. 

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