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Whiplash literally means whiplash. A sudden disruptive event, such as an accident, collision or fall, causes your head and neck to move violently forwards and backwards. This can cause a strain of the nervous system. In some cases, even (temporary) damage to the brain occurs.
Your body tries to protect itself and prevent further violent movements that could irritate the nerves even more. Therefore, the muscles in your neck and upper back will stiffen.

What is whiplash?

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What complaints are associated with whiplash?

With whiplash, a part of the brain is overstimulated, which also causes overstimulation in the rest of your body. Your body tries to keep everything under control, you feel a lot of tension throughout your body. 


At the same time you may suffer from various complaints, such as: 

  • neck pain

  • headache

  • pain that radiates to the shoulders, arms or back

  • fatigue

  • concentration problems

  • dizziness


The symptoms you experience with whiplash depend on various factors, such as how violent the accident was. The first two or three months after such a trauma, the tension in your body is also useful and functional because your body has to repair the damaged structures. But then the body must also let go again so that you can fully recover. 


To avoid hindering your own recovery process, for example by putting too much strain on your body too quickly, it is wise to be guided by a physiotherapist. 

Treatment of whiplash by the physiotherapist.

How can the physiotherapist help with whiplash? This depends on your specific situation. During the first consultation, the intake, your physiotherapist will conduct an examination and ask questions. This way we can draw up a treatment plan that exactly matches your complaints and wishes. 

In the case of whiplash, dosing the load is an important aspect. If you ask too much of yourself too soon, you will hinder the recovery process. Through coaching and exercises we can guide you to create the right balance between work, private life and sporting demands.


We also use various relaxation and breathing techniques, which provide the necessary peace in your body system. This way you can recover faster and more effectively. 


At Fysio SpaarndammerHout you can go to any physiotherapist with whiplashour team justifiably. Relaxation and awareness are important aspects of treatment for all therapists. Make an appointment with our physiotherapists today. 

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