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Running injuries

Every year, a large number of runners suffer a running injury. There can be many reasons why you, as a runner, push yourself beyond your limits. This can lead to, among other things:

• runner's knee
• shin splints
• whiplash
• Achilles tendon injury

Do you want to prevent complaints from running? In any case, consider good running shoes, a calm training structure and listen to your body.

What to do in case of a running injury?

Fysiotherapie Amsterdam klachten

Furthermore, there is one very important preventive measure that you can take as a runner and that is to regularly do strength exercises. We now know from scientific research that stretching exercises before or after running have little to no effect on preventing injuries. Strength exercises, on the other hand, do have a great preventive effect. 


At Corver Physiotherapy we can help you improve the aspects you need as a runner. This includes specific strength exercises where you need them most. Core stability exercises are also important. We can offer you an exercise program, completely tailor-made for you as a runner.

Treatment of running injuries. 

How can the physiotherapist help with a running injury? This depends on the complaints you experience.

During the first appointment we will ask you a number of questions and conduct an examination. This way we often quickly find out together where the pain comes from in your case. 


We then draw up a personal treatment plan that suits your complaint and your goals. For this we use therapies such as manual therapy, trigger point treatment, taping and exercise therapy. With the right exercises we can strengthen the muscles so that you will hopefully not suffer from the injury in the future. 


We also give you important advice. We can conduct specific research into your walking pattern and provide tips for improvements. Where necessary, you will receive tips about the right shoes for your running style and we will help you think about what kind of training best suits your goals. 


Do you suffer from an injury from running? You can do this within our practiceEagle,Bart,Noémie andIona. Within our holistic vision, we not only look at your complaints, but also at the underlying causes and lifestyle. This way we can be sure that the treatment suits your personal situation.

Make an appointment today.

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