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Tinnitus is a well-known and annoying problem: approximately 10 to 15 percent of adults in the Netherlands suffer from it. People with tinnitus always hear a sound without there being a source for this sound outside the body. The sound varies from person to person and is often described as a kind of noise, beep or buzz. Sometimes it can also be a natural sound, such as the beating of your heart.

What is tinnitus, or ringing in the ears?

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What are the causes of tinnitus?

Various causes of tinnitus are known. There is always some activity, in the form of sound, present in the brain. However, in many cases this activity is not audible as the threshold of consciousness for this activity is not exceeded. 


In some cases this threshold can be lowered or certain stimuli can exceed the threshold. Then you can suddenly hear the sound. For example:

  • after a concert or other situation where you were exposed to loud noises

  • migraine

  • stress

  • fatigue 

  • pain and stiffness in your jaw or neck 

  • hearing damage


Often a combination of different factors causes tinnitus. That is why we will look carefully at the underlying causes of your complaints during treatment.

Treatment of tinnitus or ringing in the ears by the physiotherapist.

How can the physiotherapist help with tinnitus? The cause of the tinnitus is particularly important in the treatment. During the first consultation, the intake, the physiotherapist will ask you a number of questions and carry out an examination. This way we can find out together where your complaints come from. 

Depending on your specific situation, your physiotherapist will draw up a treatment plan. Do you suffer from tinnitus?jaw complaints orneck complaints? Then the focus of the treatment will be on loosening and/or strengthening the muscles. We can also treat you well in the event of stress through relaxation. In any case, you will receive exercises and advice that you can also apply at home. This way you will hopefully get rid of your complaints quickly. 


At Fysio SpaarndammerHout you can go to tinnitusBart Bruinsma.

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