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Jip Lippe

Physiotherapist & LGBTQIA+

Fysiotherapie Amsterdam Westerpark

Jip has been part of our team since the beginning of 2021. As a physiotherapist, Jip enjoys guiding people with:

long-term complaints, back and neck complaints and hand and wrist complaints. These areas have a great influence on daily life, making it extra important to treat the complaints properly.


A physical complaint is often intertwined with how you experience the pain, which is why Jip always has an open mind and a listening ear for your story. Together you will examine the cause and patterns, with two important goals: that you feel better (quickly) and that you feel more ownership

about your health and recovery. With the right treatment and exercises you regain control over your own body.


In addition to his work as a physiotherapist, Jip is training to become a theater director and enjoys working with people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Transgender people can sometimes experience pain due to:

dysphoria or, for example, wearing a binder. As part of that community, Jip knows that people sometimes avoid care because they feel misunderstood or do not always have the idea that they can go anywhere. Do you recognize this? You are more than welcome in our physiotherapy practice. Yip

is happy to create a safe environment for you.


Are you looking for a physiotherapist in Amsterdam? Jip is ready for you. Make an appointment immediately.

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