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Fysiotherapie Amsterdam Westerpark

Arend has been working in our practice since 2007 and has been the full owner since the beginning of 2023. In 2009 he graduated from SOMT as a Master in Manual Therapy, and nowadays he takes many courses to continue developing.


Arend has specialized in the treatment of:headache and migraines,back-,neck- andshoulder complaints. As a member of the Shoulder Network Amsterdam, Arend always remains informed of the latest developments and treatment options. Where necessary you can also go for oneDry Needling treatment at Arend.

You will notice his personal approach during the treatment. Arend is genuinely interested in you, the person behind the complaint, without judgement. What is important in your life? What are your personal goals? Depending on what you like, Arend will work with you to find the appropriate treatment for your complaints. This way you learn (again) to trust your body and your own strength.

Arend usesmanual therapy,exercise therapy,relaxation and awareness. Awareness in particular plays a key role in this:

“You can influence what you are aware of. What you are not aware of affects you.”

Arend is a father of three children and gets relaxation and satisfaction from a healthy, active lifestyle. In addition, he regularly supervises interns in our practice and, as practice owner, he takes care of our team of therapists. Furthermore, he enjoys enthusiastically guiding one every Tuesdaysports group for people over 55 in the Westerpark.

Are you looking for a physiotherapist or manual therapist in Amsterdam? Arend is ready for you. Make one right awayappointment.

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