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Bart Bruinsma

Physiotherapist & orofacial therapist in training

Fysiotherapie Amsterdam Westerpark

Bart graduated in 2017 and joined our team in 2019. He works as an all-round physiotherapist and has worked extensively with (young) athletes. Also forDry Needling you can contact him. Bart is currently following the Master's degree in 'Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation' in which he specializes as a jaw physiotherapist. Do you suffer fromjaw complaints,tinnitus or

dizziness complaints? With Bart you are in good hands.

As an ambitious and enthusiastic physiotherapist, Bart will work with you to find the solution that suits you. He not only looks at what problems he can solve, but also looks for ways in which you can prevent complaints in the future. Often certain factors that you do not see have a major influence on your recovery. Bart says that we should look for solutions together

satisfaction and energy in his work as a physiotherapist.

With a lot of attention, Bart ensures that you can exercise in a healthy and fun way. He also uses his own passion for different sports in his work.

He regularly gives dance lessons in Amsterdam and has practiced martial arts such as kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the past.

To stay healthy, Bart can regularly be found outside duringto run. In 2022 he ran his first marathon, where he would like to meet you during the treatment

talks about. He also enjoys fitness and, when the weather is good, he can be found on his racing bike, cycling through North Holland with friends.


Are you looking for a physiotherapist for...jaw complaints in Amsterdam? Bart is ready for you.

Make it rightan appointment.

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